What is The Simplicity Process?

Creative Commons image via Wikipedia.

You may have happened upon this page because you would like to simplify your life in some way. Welcome. Join the club!

I Googled “How to simplify life,” and found that there are 69,700,00 results. Today. Clearly, it’s a popular topic. A more specific search, “How to simplify life and be happy” only yielded 17, 300,00. That’s a LOT better, right?

This isn’t a “how to” site. I surely don’t have any answers. One thing I do know, however, is that there can’t be one right way to do this. Each person’s path is different, and each person gets to experiment and figure it out on their own. Maybe it would be fun to do this together?

My current process is a somewhat odd blend of spiritual and practical resources. I hope you’re not a purist! Quaker practice, the Feldenkrais Method®, the I Ching, ancient and contemporary poetry, and other notions that fleet through my brain, will all make appearances from time to time.

Simplicity is a dynamic idea. I don’t think it is a destination or an achievement. I do think simplicity is a journey, a path, yes, a process. Something one experiments with, practices, fiddles with every day, moment by moment. I’m interested in exploring the practice, because I want to bring my outer life into greater alignment with what’s going on inside. Simplicity might be a noble end in itself for some. For me, simplicity is part of a larger system of thoughts and actions. I’m not interested in nailing this thing down. I want it to live, and grow, and flower.

I welcome your contributions via comments to the posts. If something moves you, let me know! Follow along, share the good stuff, and let’s see what this simplicity thing is.