a coffee percolator, made obsolete by drip coffee makers
Creative Commons image via Wikipedia.

Something has been percolating in me for awhile now. Perhaps an old-fashioned spiritual word to describe it would be “quickening:” a feeling of vitality, of energy, of purpose that comes from within. It seems that I have many words. They are words for me, and they are words to share with you. This page is the place to hold those words.

Quickening is interesting because it has nothing to do with going faster, doing more, or squeezing/cramming/forcing more activity into an already overburdened schedule or psyche. I understand that this quickening has only been made possible because I have two places that provide a respite from the modern relentless spinning hamster wheel of demands and distractions. One is my practice of the Feldenkrais Method®. The other is the practice of the Quaker Meeting. Each steps away from “the world” in order to step back in, at a higher level of functioning. Both use time and space in interesting ways to make more of each.

The Feldenkrais Method and Quaker Meeting help me to engage in a process where simplicity is a result. Inside that simplicity is deep love for what Moshe Feldenkrais called “human dignity,” and what George Fox called “The Light” or “that of God in everyone.” When I discover those attributes in myself, I can see them in other people. Sometimes, I seem to elicit them, or provoke them in others. That person begins to realize their own potential, their own capacity, their own “vowed and unavowed dreams.” I understand that this — perceiving, provoking, and nourishing growth — is my life’s work.

If you’re looking for simplicity, I am, too! Let’s search together, shall we? I have a feeling that it’s a “journey, not a destination” kind of thing. I’m game, if you are.

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